Monday, July 24, 2017


UPDATED 4-17-2018: See the end of the post.

Every once in a while somebody comes up with a product so perfect that it's sweet beyond belief. Hummustir is one of those. Not only is it perfect for boaters, cruisers and liveaboards, but it's perfect for land dwellers and RV goers as well. I happened on Hummustir quite by accident while looking for some organic beans in the vegetable aisle of <gasp> Walmart. I know, I know, I hate shopping there too but unfortunately it's the only place I can find some of the specialized products I need to feed the allergy-prone grandkids living with me right now. Seems odd, doesn't it? But Walmart is listening to people and is greatly increasing their organic offerings. It's the place I find organic pumpkin, organic spices, organic rice milk, and a host of other things like organic produce and pasture raised eggs.

So let's get on with it - what's so good about Hummustir you ask?

  • It's USDA certified organic.
  • It's non-GMO.
  • It's gluten free.
  • It has everything you need to mix it right in the package so it's easily transportable.
  • It's good for you.
  • It's cheap.
  • It's fresh.
  • The best? It's in environmentally responsible packaging. The container is paper, the spoon is wood, and only the absolute minimum of plastic is used. Five stars to the company!

As a cruiser with very limited fridge space, this is a godsend. I can stow these away and grab one on the way out the companionway to a cockpit gathering. And the best thing? It comes in two flavors and they are both the best-tasting hummus I have had anywhere. Here's the steps:

 The package includes a pouch of organic chick pea paste, a pouch of organic tahini, a pouch of seasoning, and a wooden mixing/serving spoon.

Be sure to knead each packet before you open them, especially the tahini packet. The tahini tends to separate and needs to be thoroughly kneaded. Then just roll down the packet from the bottom to the top, cut it open and squeeze the contents into the container.
The chick pea paste is the smoothest of any hummus I've bought.
Add the tahini.
 Add the spice packet.
Stir it up well. I sometimes use a spatula to mix it because the chick pea paste sometimes gets into the corners and it's easier to use to mix it well.
Then just enjoy with veggies or crackers. We rarely have any left over, but if you do, just transfer it into a smaller container and store in the fridge.

UPDATE: I went to the store to replenish my supply today and I was crushed. The company has changed the packaging and it is no longer environmentally responsible packaging. I'm afraid I can no longer recommend this product. I have written to the company and I'm waiting for an answer which I will post when I receive it. Here is a photo of the new packaging: 2 plastic containers, a plastic spoon, and a plastic dome. I'm crushed.


  1. I added this to my grocery list for the boat! Love hummus! Thanks! - Jennifer

  2. This is too bad. It looked like a good product, but no thanks on the plastic.